Are you a business striving for sustainability in your logistics operations? Discover how Q-Pall's philosophy and innovative solutions can align with your environmental goals. Specializing in the production of plastic pallets from 100% recycled materials, Q-Pall is not just offering a product, but a comprehensive approach to green logistics. This article delves into how our unique model of local sourcing and production across Europe doesn't just supply eco-friendly pallets; it embodies a deeper commitment to sustainable practices. By choosing Q-Pall, companies can make a significant step towards reducing their ecological footprint and achieving their sustainability targets. Read on to see how Q-Pall's philosophy and products can be integral to your green logistics strategy.

In our previous blog post, we further explained the Resin Identification Codes (RIC) of plastics and their crucial role in creating a sustainable future. When it comes to logistics, storage, and shipping, pallets are an indispensable tool. Traditionally made from wood, an increasing number of businesses are turning to plastic pallets for their durability, longevity, cleanliness and recyclability. However, not all plastic pallets are created equal. Understanding the type of plastic used in their construction is critical for ensuring recyclability.

Recycling is not only good for the planet, but it's also good for humanity as a whole. However, the process of recycling can be somewhat confusing, especially when it comes to plastics. With so many different types of plastics in use today, it's important to know which ones can be recycled and how they should be handled. That's where Resin Identification Codes (RIC) come into play.

Are you ready to redefine sustainability in your logistics? The secret weapon may be something as simple yet transformative as the pallets you use! Our latest blog explores the untapped potential of plastic pallets in shaping a greener, more efficient supply chain. Discover how making the switch can shrink your ecological footprint and deliver cost savings and operational efficiencies that are too compelling to ignore. Don't miss out on this win-win opportunity! #GreenLogistics #Sustainability #SupplyChain #Innovation #PlasticPallets #CircularEconom

Veghel/Balk, May 24, 2023 –Today, in Balk, the first plastic pallet from Q-Pall for Drankenpallet Beheer Nederland was ceremoniously produced. Until 2034, at least one million pallets made from recycled plastic will be produced at the Frisian factory. This represents the largest order for Q-Pall in the Netherlands since its establishment in 2005.

Q-Pall, a leading producer of plastic pallets, is pleased to announce that the company has received the prestigious EcoVadis Silver Medal on April 15, 2023. Thanks to this recognition, Q-Pall now ranks among the top 20% of the most sustainable companies worldwide.

When it comes to choosing a pallet, there are many options available. One of these options is plastic pallets. Plastic pallets offer several advantages over other materials such as wood or metal. However, to make the right choice, there are several factors to consider when choosing a plastic pallet that is suitable for your needs. Below are some important considerations.

Introducing the new 1200 x 800 mm medium duty pallet plastic pallet, our 3rd genaration made from 100% recycled material. This eco-friendly product is now available in both open and closed top deck designs, and is designed to carry a racking load up to 750 kg.

For the production of our plastic pallets, we use recycled PE-HD #2. And in addition, our Q-Pall plastic pallets are also marked. But what does it actually stand for?

Compare plastic to wooden pallets and plastic leads the way on many fronts. Plastic is more hygienic because it is easier to clean, and it is safer because it does not splinter. Moreover, plastic pallets are, on average, about three times lighter in weight, which means they are less expensive to ship. Why, then, are wooden pallets still used so regularly?

When choosing plastic pallets, for instance, it is possible to choose a special hygienic pallet. Another point to keep in mind is the load capacity. And you need to choose the right size of the pallet. But what should you look for when determining the right size?


Q-Pall introduces and add a new line of heavy-duty pallets to its already extensive range of plastic pallets. The new QP line of heavy-duty pallets has all the advantages of the traditional heavy-duty plastic pallets added with the latest insights into technology, materials and produced with the most modern technology.

With our new website, Q-PALL goes one step further in its desire for sustainability and cost efficiency. The new Q-USED label, means we can make it possible to order and reuse used pallets from Q-PALL. Without compromising on quality.

For the US market Q-Pall specially designed the QP4048M series which again excel in an optimal balance between price and performance. Plastic pallets demand in the US is driven by consumer interest in the use of plastic pallets because of their performance qualities.


Our pallets have to endure a lot on a daily basis. They travel all over the world. They see the most beautiful products in review. But the most important and special task so far has been to contribute to the delivery of COVID vaccines.

This year marks a decade since – The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company signed an exclusivity agreement with Q-Pall BV – the plastic pallet producer, to become the sole UK distributor of its entire range of plastic pallets.

The construction of the new Q-Pall headquarters has been completed. The new location in Veghel is located along the A50 motorway. In addition to the new European head office, the new building also contains a new production hall.

One important reason is the lack of enough wooden pallets for British manufacturers who export to the European Union. Read the article below to find out what the issue is exactly and in what way the Q-Pall plastic pallets may provide the solution.

Kunststof pallets worden voor verschillende doeleinden gebruikt. Hierdoor zijn ze verkrijgbaar in veel verschillende varianten; allemaal ontwikkeld om zo goed mogelijk te functioneren voor het doel waarvoor de pallet gebruikt moet worden. Gaat u pallets aanschaffen? 

One of the reasons Q-Pall chooses to produce plastic pallets, is the sustainability angle. Not only do plastic pallets have a longer lifespan, but the pallets can also be recycled. This is good for the environment, which automatically makes you very environmentally conscious! But how does the recycling process work, and what does it involve?

Overview of the 9 most common mistakes that often lead to damage to the plastic pallets or the load. Download the leaflet and make your employees aware of the risks

Plastic pallets are increasingly used in all kinds of industries, and for good reason. Plastic pallets offer significant advantages. But not every pallet is suitable for any type of use and load. There are different types of pallets for various applications. Below, we explain what plastic pallet is best for your industry.


Cleaning pallets can be a difficult task. Some plastic pallets have corners and seams that are difficult to access and clean. The great advantage of using plastic pallets is that they are very robust, so it is no problem to thoroughly clean them with the correct water jet and detergents.

Society is becoming more and more aware when it comes to the environment. Organisations are also increasingly involved in this. Plastic pallets fit well with this development. But what are the regulations surrounding (plastic) pallets?

Kasten, stellingen, koelkamers, koelkisten en koelkasten spelen hierbij een belangrijke rol. Maar ook pallets behoren hierbij. Wel zijn de mogelijkheden hierin divers. Hieronder bespreken we de mogelijkheden.

Pallets have an important role in the transport and storage of various goods and raw materials. Because the load of a pallet can differ strongly, there are different types of pallets. For instance, plastic pallets for the transport or storage of fresh products are very different from those intended for liquids, powders, or gases. Particularly for the latter types of load, there are special ESD pallets.

Plastic is not porous and does not splinter. In addition, hygiene pallets are fully smooth, which greatly reduces any risk of unwanted guests. The pallets’ finish is specifically aimed at avoiding nooks and crannies in which dirt can accumulate.

The slippery load could shift on the pallets. This can be prevented by using anti-slip pallets. How does this work exactly, and it is a requirement?

What is a static charge, and how is it created? Objects made from plastic that make contact, can receive a light static charge. The friction, no matter how small, means the objects can become electrostatically charged.

When choosing pallets, you first look at what you need the pallet for and what function is required for this. You also have the choice between a wooden pallet and a plastic pallet

If you choose plastic pallets, you automatically choose sustainability, because plastic pallets are often made from fully recycled plastic, such as sturdy plastic caps from soda bottles.

In addition to wooden pallets, also plastic pallets are available in the market. These pallets come in different forms, shapes and sizes and have several advantages relative to wooden pallets. Learn more here about the 3 main reasons to switch to plastic pallets from now on!

What does the storage of your enterprise look like? Do you have a warehouse in combination with office space, do you use the outside area as a storage location or do you make use of third parties to see to the storage and transhipment?

Last week our heavy-duty plastic pallets were on show at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Not being raced around the hairpins but instead being put through their paces by being used to display all of the electric vehicles,

Q-Pall, the plastic producer of sustainable plastic pallets is adding a complete new line of heavy duty pallets to its product range.  

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