Anti-slip pallets, are they mandatory?

Plastics pallets are intended for the storage and transportation of goods and products. The pallets are used so the load is not damaged. But if there is a slippery load on the plastic pallets, you run the risk of damaged goods regardless, or of substances being released that could be a health hazard if someone came into contact with them. The slippery load could shift on the pallets. This can be prevented by using anti-slip pallets. How does this work exactly, and it is a requirement?


Shifting load


The goal of pallets is to provide sound storage and safe transport. There are specific pallets for different types of loads. But it may still be necessary to take precautions to ensure the load does not move around on the pallet unintentionally. Packaged products, which are by default very slippery, can shift when placed on a plastic pallet. This makes it desirable to have a pallet, and especially its direct contact surface, that provides friction to prevent the load from shifting. For this purpose, the anti-slip pallet has been developed. This pallet has a layer that provides friction so the load remains in place.


Mandatory or not?


What about the requirement to use anti-slip pallets? You are not legally required to use one. But sometimes the pallet load is valuable, or damage to the load may result in health hazards. In these cases, using the right type of pallet is highly recommended. Choose a pallet with a layer that makes shifting around impossible. Ultimately, the responsibility for the right care in transportation and storage lies with the person hiring or organising the transportation.


Tailor-made pallet with anti-slip layer


The pallets with anti-slip layer are made to size. This means we offer special pallets, customised to the customer’s wishes. Q-Pall offers these pallets alongside the sizeable standard assortment of plastic pallets. In consultation with you, we look at what is desirable. Fitting all the necessary pallets with an anti-slip layer is among the options. Would you like more information about our pallets and the option of fitting them with anti-slip layers? Or do you have any other questions regarding our product range? Then please contact us for more information. We would love to help by providing personal advice!

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