Sustainable plastic pallets

Q-Pall's plastic pallets have proven to be an essential component in modern storage and logistics processes. Known for their versatility, durability, and eco-friendliness, our pallets are the first choice for companies aiming for operational efficiency and sustainability. No longer limited to wood, these innovative pallets are now a preferred solution for supporting loads during transport and storage.

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Why plastic pallets? 

Q-Pall's pallets stand out for their high-quality, high load capacity, and robust construction. Thanks to advanced production technologies, they support heavy loads, ensuring reliable and safe transport, both inside and outside your warehouse.

  • Lightweight and versatile for storage and safety 
    In addition to their high load capacity, our pallets are also remarkably lightweight, making them ideal for use in high-bay warehouses. Standard dimensions ensure compatibility with common systems, while options like rims or anti-slip surfaces on the top deck provide extra safety and security for your goods.
  • Exceptionally durable and Eco-friendly 
    Unlike traditional wooden pallets, plastic pallets excel in maintaining a constant weight as they do not absorb moisture and are resistant to mould and insect infestation. These properties extend their lifespan and result in substantial cost savings. Thus, they are perfectly suited for automated processes like in the beverage industry. Q-Pall's commitment to the environment is evident: the pallets are made from 100% recycled plastic and are fully recyclable at the end of their life, contributing to the reduction of the ecological footprint.

A wide range of plastic pallets and designs 

With an extensive assortment of more than 150 different plastic pallets, Q-Pall is the manufacturer with the most diverse pallet range in its portfolio. These range from pallets for light goods to heavy industrial products, ensuring Q-Pall always has the right pallet for every situation. Our filters help determine the exact pallets you need.

Q-Pall offers a wide assortment, including one-way pallets, reusable pallets, CP pallets for the chemical industry, export pallets, display pallets, and hygienic pallets and H1 pallets for the pharmaceutical and food. This diversity ensures you find the right pallet for your specific needs, whether it's for simple product presentation or to meet high hygiene and safety standards. Choosing Q-Pall pallets reflects a commitment to sustainability and cost-efficiency. Customers can purchase directly from Q-Pall or through a network of dealers, with the promise of fast delivery thanks to a large warehouse and multiple production locations.

Euro pallet size 800 x 1200 and 1000 x 1200

Q-Pall's pallets, including the standard Euro / EPAL pallet (80x120 cm | 800x1200 mm), are the most commonly used dimensions in pallets, making them ideal for a broad spectrum of logistics applications. The block pallet (100x120 cm | 1000x1200 mm) is perfectly suited for handling heavier and larger loads.

In general, plastic pallets provide a cost-effective solution for the long term. Although the initial cost may be higher than traditional pallets, it boast a longer lifespan and maintain their value, leading to considerable savings over time. Moreover, these pallets negate the need for treatments against pests and bacteria, which is a frequent concern with wooden pallets.

From nestable to heavy duty premium closed deck pallets 

As the largest specialized manufacturer, we offer an extensive range of pallets suitable for various applications. This range includes, pool pallets, single-use pallets and chemical pallets. Each type is designed to meet specific requirements, from lightweight goods to heavy industrial loads. Customers can choose from various sizes, weights and colours, with options such as open or closed top decks and specific markings.

Container pallets

For companies seeking sustainable, long-term solutions, Q-Pall offers reusable pallets that are also often used as pool pallets. In addition, we have single use pallets, often deployed as export pallets for companies needing pallets for single use. Specially designed for the chemical industry, we have an extensive program of Chemical pallets that meet strict safety and quality requirements. Examples include CP1 pallets, CP3 pallets, and CP9 pallets. Perfect for product presentation are our display pallets. These pallets are available in smaller dimensions for easy and effective setups.

For specific needs, Q-Pall offers pallets in different sizes, such as:

  • 1140x1140 mm for sea container
  • 1200x1200 mm for drum storage
  • 1100x1300 mm for canned goods
  • 400x600 mm and 600x800 mm pallet or as half euro pallet.

Additional options

In addition to many standard pallets, customers can opt for custom pallets or pallets with specific features:

  • Open or closed top deck: Depending on the need for ventilation or a solid surface.
  • Nestable pallets: For space-saving during storage and transport.
  • Pallets with runners: For extra support and stability.
  • Custom markings and colors: To meet the corporate style or specific identification needs.
  • Anti-slip material and ESD options: For increased safety and specific industrial applications.

Custom plastic pallets for specific needs 

Q-Pall is ready to meet diverse business needs with custom-made pallets from plastics. Whether it's specific dimensions, load capacity, or unique features like RFID, track and trace options, or anti-slip surfaces on the top deck, Q-Pall delivers pallets perfectly tailored to your specific applications.

Our local production strategy 

Q-Pall is committed to a local production strategy. By sourcing raw materials locally and moving moulds to various production locations within Europe, Q-Pall significantly reduces transport-related CO2 emissions. This strategy is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-saving, as it greatly reduces transportation costs, keeps the price of pallets low, and reduces the company's ecological footprint.

Our approach to the production of quality pallets demonstrates our commitment to both environmental responsibility and economic efficiency. By focusing on recycled materials and local production, we contribute to a more sustainable future, while simultaneously reducing our CO2 footprint and offering benefits to our customers.

The production and delivery of plastic pallets in the UK

The Impact on CO2 Footprint Environmental awareness is at the core of Q-Pall’s production process. Environmental protection is a critical issue in today's world, where the impact of CO2 emissions on climate change is a growing concern. Increased CO2 emissions contribute to climate change. The CO2 footprint, also often called the Carbon Footprint, is an indicator of the amount of CO2 equivalents emitted by activities such as transport, electricity production, and heating.

Calculating the CO2 footprint in the production of goods, such as pallets, has become an important part of environmentally responsible business operations. In this process, the CO2 equivalents needed for the production of a pallet are measured, with the largest contribution often coming from raw material extraction, transport, and production processes.


Our innovative approach to the sustainable production, the focus on minimizing the CO2 footprint and the use of 100% recycled plastic, thereby eliminating the need for new raw materials, and considering and distribution of used raw materials and finished products as a crucial factor in the CO2 strategy. The traditional model of central production and extensive distribution is seen by Q-Pall as outdated and inefficient.

Our commitment to innovation and service 

Q-Pall stands out as an innovative leader in the production of high-end, low-cost pallets. With a history of continuous development and investment in advanced technologies, Q-Pall delivers solutions that meet current needs and anticipate on future trends. Our customer-focused approach ensures that we work closely with clients to develop and further improve products that lead to operational efficiency and cost savings.

Pallets with a Purpose Q-Pall represents quality, innovation, and sustainability in the world of plastic pallets. Our plastic pallets, customer-focused solutions, and eco-conscious production methods make us an ideal partner for companies aiming for efficiency, reliability, and ecological responsibility.

Buying plastic pallets? One partner for every logistics challenge 

With our extensive range of plastic pallets in various sizes and designs, Q-Pall is ready to meet the most diverse logistics and storage needs. Whether it's for standard usage or specialized applications, Q-Pall offers a tailored pallet solution.

Also used plastic pallets available

In addition to our new pallets, we also have other logistic plastic products, such as pallet collars and freezer spacers, also known as freeze mats. Also for used plastic pallets, you are at the right place with us. We are the first manufacturer in Europe to have a separate website where all the used pallets are listed and regularly updated with our new stock. This way, you have only one supplier where you can view all your pallets online.

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