Display pallet 600 x 800 open deck 3 runners light

Article number: QP6080LR3RR
  • 800 x 600 mm
  • Eco-friendly storage solutions
  • Lightweight yet strong pallet
  • Versatile display pallet
  • Stable 3-runner design
  • Bulk pallet supply for businesses

√ Load in racking based on testing with 25 kg bags;

√ Tolerance in the size of the plastic pallet +5 / -5 mm. Tolerance in the weight of the plastic pallet +5 / -5 %;

√ Load performance (static, dynamic and racking) is determined under uniformly distributed load.




Eco-Conscious and Robust: Crafted from 100% Recycled Plastics

The Display Pallet QP6080LR3RR stands out with its eco-friendly construction, made entirely from 100% recycled plastics PE-HD. This commitment to sustainability is paired with remarkable durability, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious yet demanding storage and display needs.

Perfect Dimensions for Versatile Use

Measuring 800mm in length and 600mm in width, with a height of 145mm, this pallet is designed for versatile applications. Its size makes it an excellent fit for various environments, from retail spaces to warehouses, providing ample space for a range of items while maintaining a compact footprint.

Lightweight Design, Heavy-Duty Performance

Despite its light weight of just 2.7 kg, this pallet is engineered to handle significant loads. It can support a static load of up to 500 kg and a dynamic load of 350 kg, offering robust performance for its size. This combination of lightweight design and heavy-duty capacity ensures easy handling without compromising on strength.

Stability Assured: 3-Runner Bottom

Equipped with a 3-runner bottom, this pallet promises exceptional stability and ease of movement. The runners provide a solid foundation, ensuring that goods remain secure whether in storage, on display, or in transit.

Bulk Availability for Business Needs

With standard packaging of 100 pieces, this pallet is ready to meet the demands of businesses dealing with large volumes. Whether you're outfitting a new store or restocking a distribution center, our bulk packaging ensures you have the quantity you need for efficient operations.

Dimensions (mm): 600x800
Length (mm) 800
Width (mm) 600
Height (mm): 145
Weight (kg): 2.7
Static load (kg): 500
Dynamic load (kg): 350
Load in rack (kg): 0
Bottom: 3 runners
Upper deck: open deck
Standard packaging (pcs): 100
A 45,5
B 75,5
C 45,5
D 194,5
E 194,5
F 145
G 72,1
H 59,5
I 72,1
J 277,6
K 277,6
L 145
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