Used plastic pallets


If you need pallets, it is important to consider what you are going to use them for: what is the load, how is the transport organised and are plastic pallets used for storage? If it is clear what kind of pallets you need, the next question is: do you want new pallets or do you want used plastic pallets? We will be happy to help you make this decision.


We live in the age of plastic, with more than 300 million tonnes of plastic produced worldwide each year. Unfortunately, between 5 and 15 million tonnes end up in our oceans, where the "plastic soup" is becoming a serious problem.


Today, 98% of pallets are made from recycled material. Moreover, we are committed to a better future by supporting projects that create involvement in the plastic waste problem. Based on this conviction, Q-Pall is also the first manufacturer in the world to start selling used plastic pallets through its Qusedpallets platform. In this way Q-Pall encourages maximum reuse before the pallets are finally recycled.


Buy used plastic pallets


Do you need used plastic pallets? Q-Pall offers a wide range of used plastic pallets of different types and sizes on its Qusedpallets website. For example, Qusedpallets offers lightweight export pallets with a very strong load-bearing capacity. Are you looking for used plastic pallets that are suitable for high racking or for a cold store? Qusedpallets has these types in its range as well. Depending on your budget, the desired load capacity and the type of use you want to make of it, you can make a choice from our range of used plastic pallets.



Advantages of used plastic pallets


  • They do not require special treatment against pests. That is why plastic pallets are easy to export to countries outside Europe.
  • Plastic pallets do not have to be treated according to ISPM15.
  • The goods must not be damaged by protruding nails or splinters.
  • No risk of mould, plastic pallets cannot absorb moisture.
  • Low maintenance and easy to keep clean, necessary to meet HACCP standards.
  • Easy to stack, so plastic pallets take up less space.



Used plastic pallets last for years


The life of a pallet depends on various factors. The load, the number of trips, the personnel handling the pallet and the storage method. In general, a used plastic pallet, if used correctly, will last longer than a wooden one. Depending on the cost of the material, plastic pallets are more expensive to buy but last longer. Used plastic pallets can also last a long time. Each pallet has been personally inspected by us and meets the high standards we set for used plastic pallets.


Used plastic pallets are a sustainable option


Give used pallets a second life. In addition to financial considerations, you can also opt for used plastic pallets because you set great store by sustainable business practices. You are environmentally aware and want to waste as little as possible. Then opting for used plastic pallets is a logical choice. By reusing plastic pallets, the environment is less burdened. This way you build a socially responsible image.


Of course we can give you detailed advice on the different pallets in our range. We can even advise you which pallet is best for the load you wish to transport.


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