This is how you properly clean plastic pallets

Cleaning pallets can be a difficult task. Some plastic pallets have corners and seams that are difficult to access and clean. The great advantage of using plastic pallets is that they are very robust, so it is no problem to thoroughly clean them with the correct water jet and detergents. But how do you optimally clean plastic pallets?


Material and shape

Proper cleaning is much easier if the pallet does not have lots of bumps, chinks, edges, and corners. A smooth pallet is much easier to clean. What pallets you need depends on what they are used for. Our plastic pallets are of good quality and can all be cleaned. In case of the hygienic pallets, additional attention has been paid to the finish, which means there are no spaces and seams where dirt can accumulate. Moreover, the plastic is non-porous. Detergents and water cannot penetrate into the pallet. This prevents bacteria from having free rein. When cleaning, always keep in mind the HACCP requirements of your industry. This way, you avoid breaking the rules.


Cleaning it yourself

The shape and material determine whether or not it is easy to clean the pallet yourself. If these are favourable and you only have a small number of pallets, then cleaning them yourself is definitely a good choice. It is easy to clean the pallets with water and detergents. You do need to take the location of cleaning into account; after all, you are working with detergents and water, which means the area will unavoidably get wet. The used water also needs to be drained. If you are going to clean the pallets yourself, always use detergents that are not harmful to nature.


Having it cleaned

Of course, you can also have the pallets cleaned. You can outsource this to companies who specialize in cleaning pallets and crates. They clean and dry your pallets with energy-efficient machines with a high capacity. Of course, these companies are required to clean with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Nevertheless, they will provide a hygienic and clean result. How you want to clean your pallets is of course up to you. Our pallets are suitable for multiple uses and cleanings. Would you like to know more about this? Feel free to  contact  us for more information.

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