The ease and advantages of anti-static pallets

Plastic pallets are used to store and transport goods and products correctly. You carefully select a pallet so that the product is not damaged, in any way whatsoever. The quality is not allowed to suffer. But sometimes the load on the pallet may become electrically charged because of the friction between the packaging and the plastic pallet. And this can cause problems. You can choose anti-static pallets. What are these exactly, and what does it mean for your products?


Static charge


What is a static charge, and how is it created? Objects made from plastic that make contact, can receive a light static charge. The friction, no matter how small, means the objects can become electrostatically charged. This creates static tension, which may cause problems. In your daily life, certain materials, such as clothing, can become charged when sitting on a sofa. The synthetics woven into the clothes and sofa create an electric charge. This charge disappears when touching another type of material. You experience a small electric shock upon touching something. With plastic pallets, the combination of the load and the pallet creates a static charge. Something that is discharged when there is contact with another material or through contact with the person unloading. The result may be that the load quality diminishes, or may even damage it irreparably.


Consequences of static electricity


The consequences of a static charge vary. Firstly, statically charged object attract dust. This means that the dust present in the room will simply attach itself to the pallet and the load. This can be highly undesirable, because it can affect the quality or storage life of the load. Static electricity can also cause irreparable damage to electronic equipment such as computer hardware. The results of this can vary from total defects to light damage with barely noticeable effects. With age, this may still result in inexplicable complaints and defects in the long run. There is also the danger of someone receiving an electric shock if the equipment is statically charged.


Q-Pall anti-static pallets


Q-Pall anti-static pallets are fitted with a balanced combination of synergistic anti-static additives that directly reduce surface conduction of polyethene. The balance between the fast and controlled migrating anti-static additives not only have a quick antistatic effect, but also provide long-term protection against attracting dust and other inconveniences resulting from electrostatic charges. They are custom-made to your specifications. Together, we look at what is desirable. This way, you can be certain your products are transported and stored the safest way possible. Would you like to know more about the options to fit pallets with an anti-static additive? Or do you have other questions regarding our product range and our options? Then please contact  us for more information. We would love to help you by providing personal advice.

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