Why companies opt for plastic pallets!

Anyone who transports goods or needs to store them, will usually make use of pallets. These basic-looking plateaus were designed specifically to conveniently stack and transport goods. In addition to wooden pallets, also plastic pallets are available in the market. These pallets come in different forms, shapes and sizes and have several advantages relative to wooden pallets. Learn more here about the 3 main reasons to switch to plastic pallets from now on!


1. Plastic pallets are user-friendly


Relative to wooden pallets, plastic pallets offer a number of advantages. For instance, in some respects, they are much more user-friendly. In contrast with wooden pallets, plastic ones, for instance, will not rot or splinter. Also they look more sleek and attractive and they require less maintenance. Furthermore, plastic pallets are easy to clean and do not require pest control treatment before transport. For those reasons the plastic pallet is much more hygienic and therefore utterly suitable in terms of transport for the food industry.


2. An economical option


It is not only because of the user-friendliness that companies opt for plastic pallets increasingly more often, generally it is also an economical choice. Firstly, you can choose from either new or used pallets. If you select new pallets, these will be manufactured specifically for your company and you will have the possibility to choose from an array of different shapes, sizes and colours. In many cases however, it is quite economical to go for already used, and therefore much cheaper pallets. Plastic pallets are namely manufactured from a single piece, as a result of which they will not easily get damaged. They will last very long and thus second-hand pallets are high-quality as a rule.


3. Plastic pallets are a sustainable choice


So, plastic pallets are usually an economical and user-friendly alternative to wooden pallets. However, people tend to associate plastic with environmental pollution by definition. Yet, research shows that these pallets are not a worse, but even a better alternative for the environment, over wooden pallets. Many of the new plastic pallets are made of recycled material. Therefore, the production of these pallets is less burdening to the environment. Furthermore, at least 80 per cent of the pallets are being reused. This results in an actual environmental benefit when using the plastic alternative!


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