Choosing the right pallet size – what should you look for?

When you need pallets, it is important that you make the right choice. This choice depends on a number of aspects. Of course, the intended purpose of the pallets is a part of this choice process. When choosing plastic pallets, for instance, it is possible to choose a special hygienic pallet. Another point to keep in mind is the load capacity. And you need to choose the right size of the pallet. But what should you look for when determining the right size?


What is the load of the pallet?


The first thing to determine is what the pallets are going to be used for. What is the load they will carry? Are these containers, big-bags, barrels containing liquids, or cooled products, and is hygiene a requirement? This largely determines the type of pallet you need. Based on the load, you determine the right size. How is the load packaged and what are its dimensions? Each type of pallet is available in various sizes, so there is almost always an appropriate size for you.


Are the pallets used in an automated storage?


If the plastic pallets  are used in an environment where the processes of storage and transport are automated, it is important that the size of the pallets matches this. In an automated warehouse, this avoids size and shape malfunctions in the process. Therefore, make sure you choose the most common desired size, so that everything you store in this environment fits the pallets. This saves you a lot of work.


How are the pallets stored?


The plastic pallets are used for transport, but many customers also use them for the storage of goods and products. An essential aspect, then, is how these are stored. On the floor, in a certain type of pallet rack, or outdoors? It is important to consider this. For instance, is it necessary to stack the pallets and which sizes are suitable for this? Our staff and the Q-Pall  dealers can of course – thanks to their years of experience and thorough knowledge of the market and developments – provide you with the right product advice.




There is a wide range of pallets, with a specific pallet for every application. The range includes more than 100 products, which are available in various sizes and colours. If the plastic pallet you want is not available, it is also possible to have it custom-made. In addition to its standard programme of plastic pallets, Q-Pall creates custom-made plastic pallets based on customer specifications.

In short, plastic pallets are available for all load types in various sizes. Do you want to know what pallets or other products are suitable for you? Please feel free to contact for more information. We are happy to assist you!

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