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Plastic pallets exist in many sizes and designs. This makes buying plastic pallets a logical choice, which flows from your desire for sustainability, cost efficiency and environmental considerations. Especially if you do so via a reliable partner such as Q-Pall. You can ask us all your questions and buy the plastic pallets directly from us or one of our dealers. Because of our large stock, we can promise you fast delivery. Whether you need disposable pallets or reusable pallets, as a market leader, Q-Pall is your partner!



Q-Pall controls the entire chain – production, distribution and sale of plastic pallets – like no other. This enables us to offer you the technical and logistical conditions that also contribute to optimal processes within your business.



The range of plastic pallets is so extensive in terms of types and versions that the right pallet is available for every application. As a result, our range now includes more than 150 products. The plastic pallets are available in various sizes and colours. Since the possibilities are so vast, you can rely on the extensive knowledge and experience of Q-Pall’s specialists to make the right choice. Moreover, thanks to our large stock, we can promise you fast delivery.

In short: thanks to the extensive range, years of experience and large stock, Q-Pall guarantees excellent plastic pallets with short delivery times and excellent service.


Q-Pall has a varied standard range of plastic pallets. However, we also offer pallets that are made according to customer specifications. We develop innovative concepts and products in consultation with our customers. This enables our customers to achieve and maintain their leading position.



  • Cost saving
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Sustainable choice
  • Avoid risks

Initially, it may cost you more money to buy the same number of plastic pallets as wooden pallets. But choosing these plastic pallets will ultimately save you money. Plastic is more durable and therefore lasts longer. And isn’t saving money what every company wants?


Because the pallets are lighter than wooden pallets, you can work with higher ‘net’ loads and transport more goods at the same cost. In other words: there will ultimately be less CO2 emissions as a result of transporting the goods. This also means you reduce the fuel costs for your goods transport. This not only saves your company money, but also contributes to a greener world.


The production of the plastic pallets is very sustainable, as they are produced and can then be fully recycled again. Due to their strength, the pallets also have an extra long life span. In addition, thanks to their homogeneous composition, plastic pallets are very suitable for all kinds of (weather) conditions. With wood variants, there is a risk of damaging products due to protruding splinters. Obviously, this is not the case with Q-Pall products.


Wooden pallets need to be treated and repaired sometimes to retain their high quality. Because pallets travel all over the world, there is a good chance that they bring back pests and bacteria. That is why many countries have drawn up strict rules for this, so that the spread of disease and bacteria can be prevented. By buying plastic pallets, this problem goes away entirely. You have 100% certainty at all times.



Q-Pall controls the entire chain. From engineering, production, sales and distribution to recycling. This means we offer you the technical and logistical conditions that also contribute to optimal processes within your business.


Q-Pall is an innovative, progressive company that has focused on the development and production of high-quality plastic pallets since 2005. As a company, we strive for flexibility and a global dealer network. We also have an eye for the environment. Both ours and yours. This is reflected in our sustainable production methods. Innovation is therefore a core value within our company. We invest in the latest developments and progressive working methods. With the world of tomorrow and the means of today in mind.


The key to our – and your – success is innovation and technological progress. That is why Q-Pall has a strong team of in-house experts who research new products to serve existing and new markets. Our mission is to always keep moving, because movement is progress. By using interdisciplinary visions, our ideas become reality in innovative products. And we do not lose sight of sustainability in doing so.


The production of Q-Pall includes both return pallets and disposable plastic pallets. Nowadays, you can choose from numerous types and versions. This makes it even more crucial to select the right plastic pallet for each specific application, from an economic point of view and to ensure that the logistics process runs smoothly. This is something you can safely entrust to us. Through a worldwide dealer network and European coverage of factories, Q-Pall provides local production at favourable costs. At the same time, this network reduces the burden on the environment by reducing the total number of transport kilometres.



When selecting pallets, you first look at the application and what function is required for this. You can then decide between a wooden or plastic pallet. This choice is increasingly linked to environmentally conscious entrepreneurship. Corporate Social Responsibility is now also an important criterion for companies. How does the use of plastic pallets fit relate to this?


The environment is an essential theme. The subject of ‘greenhouse gases’ has been on the agenda of many companies for some time now. As we become increasingly aware of our impact on the environment and the climate changes that result from it, this is definitely a matter of concern to us. The emission of CO2, or carbon, plays an significant role here. Of all the greenhouse gases emitted by humans, CO2 is the most influential. Emissions of greenhouse gases affect the Earth’s climate, both on land, in the sea and in the air.

That is why the carbon footprint was conceived. This carbon footprint is a measure for CO2 emissions resulting from the use of fossil fuels in traffic, aviation, transport, electricity production, heating and so on. The environmental impact of plastic pallets is also made clear by calculating the carbon footprint. To determine the carbon footprint of a plastic pallet, the carbon dioxide equivalents required to manufacture a pallet, expressed in kilograms (kg CO2 eq.), are calculated. Most CO2 emissions occur during the extraction of raw materials, transport and the production of end products.


If CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a significant part of your business operations, you can opt for used plastic pallets. Reusing them minimizes the amount of raw materials used, which is an important consideration in sustainable entrepreneurship. This makes the choice of used plastic pallets a logical one. When you reuse plastic products, you put less burden on the environment. This may be something to think about when choosing used pallets. Used plastic pallets can be purchased in different models and variants. Once the plastic pallet is truly at the end of its lifespan, it can be fully recycled. The old pallet can then be used as a raw material to produce new plastic pallets.

It is for good reason that at Q-Pall, we say:

Q-Pall – pallets with a purpose!

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