Used plastic pallets are now even more sustainable with Q-USED

With our new website, www.qusedpallets.com, Q-PALL goes one step further in its desire for sustainability and cost efficiency. The new Q-USED label, means we can make it possible to order and reuse used pallets from Q-PALL. Without compromising on quality. 

Why buy used plastic pallets?

Plastic pallets last exceptionally long, much longer than pallets made of wood. This is why Q-USED can still guarantee the high-level quality of used pallets. Instead of immediately recycling, the pallets get a second, third, fourth life and so on. This is entirely maintaining sustainable business operations! That’s great, but by no means the only advantage when it comes to Q-USED. The cost savings compared to a new pallet are between 20% and 70%. On the website, we offer the largest range of used plastic pallets in Europe. And thanks to our extensive stock, the pallets can be delivered quickly.

Maximum re-use of the pallets

More than 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced annually. 5 to 15 million tonnes end up in the ocean. This ‘plastic soup’ is becoming highly problematic. Doing nothing is not an option. Maximum reuse of pallets contributes to a better world. And if the recycled plastic pallets reach the end of their life cycle? Then we recycle them and turn them into a new product.

Q-PALL’s goal was to reuse 90% of the plastic. Today, we can proudly say that 98% of our pallets are made from recycled material. Nevertheless, we want to continue building and encourage the absolute maximum use of the pallets. That is why we are the first manufacturer to encourage customers to maximise the reuse of plastic pallets and to recycle them at the end of the lifespan.

Continuing to build together

The choice for plastic pallets is a logical one for companies that act because of sustainability, cost efficiency and environmental awareness. Q-PALL has been a proud partner of these companies for years. Together with Q-USED we will continue to build on sustainable solutions to combat the plastic waste problem.


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