Engineered pallets for maximum grip on your logistics

Q-Pall sells plastic pallets in many different designs and sizes. But is it possible that the pallet you are looking for is not among them? Do you want to get the most out of your production, storage, and transport capacity, and do you need a very specific pallet for that? Or are you looking for a different size? If so, we can develop a pallet, especially for your needs.

The process

The design process starts with mapping out your wishes and requirements. On the basis of these discussions, we will create a concept. Our engineers then get to work on the design. In addition to the design, a great deal of attention is also paid to the material composition. The most expensive material is not necessarily the best material.  With the right material, the specific requirements of a product are met in the most economical way. If, as a customer, you are satisfied with the design, we will make a 3D print of your new pallet. Is the pallet entirely to your liking? Then we move on to the tool design and design and build the mould.


Second source

Your pallet is produced in the Q-Pall factory in your region. This saves on transport costs and ensures that a new load reaches your company quickly. In the event of an emergency, such as a breakdown in the factory or a calamity, we always keep a copy of your mould in one of our four other factories. Your production and workflow will then not be delayed. By guaranteeing the second source, the production of your own pallets can always continue.


Innovating and responding to new possibilities and techniques is in Q-Pall's DNA. We are always looking for better ways to produce, without losing sight of the environment and cost efficiency.

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