CO2 reduction through local production

Transporting pallets from one central point to customers in the rest of Europe? At Q-Pall we think that is a thing of the past. We do it differently. Reducing CO2 emissions, sustainable business. At Q-Pall, contributing to the solutions for climate change is high on the agenda. When we started, our target was to recycle 90% of the plastic. We have now reached 98%. But we can still do more. Not only for the environment but also in terms of cost reduction for our customers.

Producing nearby the customer

Transporting pallets from one central point to the rest of Europe is an expensive business. In addition to the 600 pallets that fit in an average truck, such a truck mainly transports air. Over long distances. This way of working makes a pallet a few euros more expensive per piece. Q-Pall, therefore, produces close to the customer. We have factories in Denmark, Germany, France and Spain. This means that we are never more than 600 kilometres away from our customers. This way, transport becomes less expensive, and we reduce CO2 emissions.

Hard sellers in stock

We make sure that the best-selling pallets, the so-called 'runners', are in stock in every factory. This enables us to deliver quickly and efficiently. But we also have a good solution for customer-specific and project-related pallets. Instead of keeping the production in one central location, we move the mould to the factory closest to the end customer. The customer ultimately sees this reflected in the price, and there is also a great deal of CO2 profit.

Second source

Having several production locations in Europe has another big advantage for the customer. In this way, we always have a second factory where we can make customer-specific pallets. If there is a production problem in the location where a certain type of pallet is manufactured. Or worse, if a factory burns down, one of the other locations takes over the production process with the copy mould. In this way, customers are always sure that their production can continue.



Conversely, the cost reduction and environmental benefits also apply to the supply of material. The material for our pallets comes from all over Europe. We take it to the nearest factory. Profit on both sides.

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