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A Chemical Pallet or CP Pallet is one of the many kinds of plastic pallets. This pallet was originally intended to bring unity to pallets that are used for the chemical and plastic industry in Europe. They are often referred to as CP pallets. Chemical Pallets are also used in many other industries. An important property of the CP pallet is that they retain their economic value. But what Chemical Pallets are there and what are the properties of the different pallets?


When is a Chemical Pallet suitable?

CP can be used for many forms of transport and storage in various industries. They are commonly used for moving barrels with certain liquids, bags, octabins, and so-called big-bags. These big-bags are mainly used for the transport of raw materials such as powders and other fine material in granular form.

What Chemical Pallets are there?

Chemical Pallets are available in nine different models. These are denoted by the names CP1 through CP9. The difference between the pallets is in the size and how they are constructed. There is also a difference in use between the various CP pallets. Some pallets are very suitable for transporting and moving bags, others for boxes or liquids. Finally, the load plays an important role, i.e. how much weight a Chemical Pallet can be loaded with.

The dimensions of the pallets

The different CP pallets have different dimensions. The list shows the dimensions of different models. Some models have the same dimensions, but differ in construction. ·  CP1: 1000 x 1200 mm ·  CP2: 800 x 1200 mm ·  CP3: 1140 x 1140 mm ·  CP4: 1100 x 1300 mm ·  CP5: 780 x 1140 mm ·  CP6: 1000 x 1200 mm ·  CP7: 1100 x 1300 mm ·  CP8: 1140 x 1140 mm ·  CP9: 1140 x 1140 mm 

An overview of the different models

CP-1 AND CP-6:

The CP-1 and CP- 6 pallets are mainly used for the transport of bags and boxes. The dimensions of both pallets are 1000 x 1200 mm. The main difference between the CP1 and CP6 pallet is the difference in base. The CP-1 has 3 runners. The CP-6 has a round base, which means it is used more often when stacking is necessary. This is because the base allows for a more equivalent distribution of the load.

CP-3 AND CP-9:

The CP-3 and CP-9 pallets are mainly used for barrels, octabins, and big-bags. The dimensions of both pallets are 1140 x 1140 mm. The CP-3 pallet is the version with 3 bottom boards and the CP-9 has a round base just like the CP-6 

CP-4 AND CP-7 

The CP-4 and CP-7 pallets are mainly used for the transport of bags. The dimensions of both pallets are 1100 x 1300 mm. Again, the difference between the two is in the base: the CP-4 is the version with 3 bottom boards, while the CP-7 pallet has six.


The CP-5 pallet, with a standard size of 780 x 1140 mm, is often used for transport in containers.


The CP-8 pallet is equal to the CP-9 pallet in terms of size and base. The difference is that the CP-8 pallet has a hole on top, which makes it suitable for use with big bags with bottom discharge. Do you have questions about our products or would you like more information about Chemical Pallets? For instance, do you want to know what pallets or other products are suitable for you? Please feel free to contact us for more information. We are happy to assist you!

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