Recycling plastic pallets, how does it work?

One of the reasons Q-Pall chooses to produce plastic pallets, is the sustainability angle. Not only do plastic pallets have a longer lifespan, but the pallets can also be recycled. This is good for the environment, which automatically makes you very environmentally conscious! But how does the recycling process work, and what does it involve? We’re happy to explain.


Q-Pall recycled pallets production

As stated in the introduction, we can make pallets from completely recycled plastics. This makes our pallets a responsible and green choice. The tough material means the pallets have a very long lifespan and can handle a few knocks and falls. Partly because of the hard material, the pallets are weather-proof, there is no risk of goods being damaged by wood splinters. During production, we also ensure very low energy usage and CO2 emissions per hour of operation. Apart from recycled pallets, we also supply used plastic pallets. The advantage to these is that they come at very sharp prices. And that’s not the only advantage; they are also considerably more durable than wooden pallets and more environmentally friendly than new plastic pallets. So they’re not just good for your bank account, but for the environment too!


Plastic pallet recycling process

Plastic pallets are often made from completely recycled plastic, such as the hard plastic caps of soda bottles. These materials are then sorted based on size and material composition, for instance. If they contain a lot of foil or other refuse, the material will not be used. The pallets are then produced with the help of moulds that are filled with the heated recycled plastic. The plastic pallets will last around 10 years, after which they can be recycled. This allows new plastic products to be produced from the recycled material. A discarded plastic pallet can be completely recycled in order to produce a new one. Repairing plastic pallets on the other hand, is relatively expensive, and has to be carried out by certified companies. That is why companies often choose to recycle broken pallets completely instead of having them repaired. Are you looking for sustainable plastic pallets at an attractive price? Then view our range of plastic pallets to see all the options. You can also choose used plastic pallets; these are even cheaper. Do you have any questions or specific requests? Then feel free to contact us. We’re happy to think along with you!

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