Pallets for the catering industry, these are the possibilities

In the catering industry, foodstuffs and other catering products are transported and stored. Where refrigerated storage is necessary, this is hopefully done in a correct way. Cabinets, shelves, freezer rooms, freezer boxes, and refrigerators play an important role in this. But pallets are also included. The possibilities are diverse, however, and we discuss them below.


Plastic pallets versus wooden pallets


Pallets are traditionally made of wood. But a wooden pallet in the catering industry is not very desirable. It is rough and may splinter. For this reason, plastic pallets are particularly suitable for the catering industry. The material of the plastic pallet is flat and smooth. This means that contrary to wooden pallets, which are naturally porous, dirt cannot accumulate in plastic pallets. Moisture, dirt, and bacteria can easily remain in the small spaces. This makes a wooden pallet a great home to insects and other pests. Which is very undesirable in the catering industry!


Cleaning pallets


In the catering industry, there is a risk of leaking catering products. The pallets used to transport goods or which serve as storage can become quite dirty as a result. With a plastic pallet, this is not a problem. They are easy to clean and not porous. Fungi, bacteria, insects, and pests do not stay behind after cleaning. By also using a drip tray, you prevent liquids from making an entire load moist. This saves precious cleaning time. Do you need a pallet that offers additional hygiene? Then there are even special hygienic pallets. These are particularly suitable in a HACCP environment because they are made to be completely smooth.


Pallet becomes box


Plastic pallets for the catering industry can be perfectly combined with plastic pallet collars. By stacking multiple collars, you can create a box with a height of your choosing. You can protect vulnerable goods and products even better by combining the pallets and pallet collars with plastic pallet lids. This way, you can easily turn your pallet into a closed box. The lids are firm and close perfectly. Now your goods are optimally protected against damage.


Freezer spacers


Frozen products are very common in the catering industry. When working with these, freezer spacers are a great solution and easy to combine with plastic pallets. They are designed to withstand freezing temperatures and to tolerate the weight of the frozen goods. This product has raised pieces with holes, which allows cold air to flow between the goods. This causes the food to freeze quickly and evenly, regardless of how many goods you store.


Storage of water bottles


Do you regularly transport and/or store water bottles? Then plastic water bottle holders are a great solution. These pallets allow you to transport and store water bottles as efficiently as possible. This keeps the water bottles firmly in place and keeps them from falling over. In short: plastic pallets are great to use in the catering industry for various purposes. Do you want to know which pallets or other products are suitable for you? Please feel free to contact us for more information. We are happy to assist you.

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