Plastic pallets: a solution for import and export issues after Brexit

23 June 2016. Not really a date that would ring a bell immediately. Still this day, on which the Brexit was decided, might have enormous consequences with regard to your import as well as export from and to Great Britain! One important reason is the lack of enough wooden pallets for British manufacturers who export to the European Union. Read the article below to find out what the issue is exactly and in what way the Q-Pall plastic pallets may provide the solution.


Not enough suitable pallets at British exporters

It seems insignificant in comparison with the massive Brexit issues that we have been confronted with for months, on a daily basis. However, the availability of enough suitable wooden pallets for the export to the European Union hadn’t been thought of yet. And this could lead to severe consequences. What exactly is the problem?

Wooden pallets coming from outside the European Union have other requirements than wooden pallets that are being transported within the EU countries themselves. And this becomes relevant as soon as Great Britain is leaving the European Union. These stricter requirements have to do with, for instance, the health of consumers. Pallets from outside the EU must have been treated to assure health protection. Also, every pallet needs a marking, stating that it meets the requirements. Only now(!) it appears that British exporters do not have enough of such pallets, as a result of which a large part of the export will be at risk. And British export equals the majority of the import of a lot of European countries, so this might also affect you.


How big is the problem?

To give an idea about the extent of the problem: every year, tens of millions of pallets are transported from Great Britain to the European Union. And the majority of these pallets is not in accordance with the European conditions for pallets from outside the EU. Many products are being transported on these pallets. For instance foodstuffs, electronic equipment, but also things like medicines. Of course there are suitable pallets in Great Britain, but there not nearly enough for all British exporters. There is a fear that many British exporters will not have enough suitable pallets which may make them go bankrupt. It is therefore a huge problem.


The solution: Q-Pall plastic pallets

Q-Pall has been producing plastic pallets in different European factories for many years. These do comply with the strict European legislation. Not only do we produce plastic pallets, but we also take care of distributing and selling them. Currently, our plastic pallets assortment consists of more than 150 products. As such, we have the right pallets for virtually any application. And if not, we will be able to produce them for you. Because of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we also take our responsibility for the recycling of the plastic pallets we manufacture. And as a result of the durability of our pallets, in practice they even turn out to save money.

Advantages of our plastic pallets listed:

  • Large array of plastic pallets
  • Cost-efficient compared to and more durable than wooden pallets
  • Do comply with European legislation
  • Q-Pall takes care of the entire chain from design to production to distribution

Would you like to know more about our possibilities in the area of plastic pallets? Or do you have other question regarding our assortment? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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