Together we come into action for the WWF

For some years now, the sea turtle has been the symbol of Q-Pall because sea turtles are threatened. The sea water is rising so that there is less room to lay eggs and the oceans are becoming increasingly polluted. Sea turtles suffer greatly from this, as polluted seas are bad for their health. The plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats for this animal. They see the plastic for food, eat it and get a feeling of satiation. Then they stop eating nutritious food and starve.


Why is it important to protect the sea turtle?

Sea turtles may not look like predators, but they often are. In doing so, they ensure a good balance in the ocean's ecosystem. For example, the hawksbill turtle eats sponges, which are animals that eat a lot of pieces of coral. And the leatherback turtle eats jellyfish, which in turn helps to keep the numbers of fish up. Jellyfish eat the food of small fish such as plankton.


Because sea turtles lay so many eggs, there should also be enough young sea turtles born. Unfortunately, this is not the case. People search in the sand for the eggs to eat, and some beaches are so crowded that the turtle females cannot lay their eggs anymore. Rubbish in the sea is also a big problem for the turtles that made it through the first period of their lives. They contract diseases from toxic substances or become entangled in plastic. The sea turtle is also regularly caught as a bycatch. The animal gets stuck in the net and drowns.

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