What exactly are H1 pallets?

Pallets are suitable for the transport and storage of all sorts of products. But some products have specific features that need to be taken into account in transport and storage. Think of refrigerated products that are perishable if the hygiene does not meet the correct standard. Naturally, the packaging needs to offer protection, but the method of transport and storage is also essential for these products. The H1 pallet is the designated pallet for this type of product. But what exactly are H1 pallets?


Food processing industry


Companies that handle food need to do this in a safe and hygienic way. It is their responsibility to prevent consumers from getting sick. With a food safety plan, a company maps what can go wrong and how errors can be prevented. This plan also looks at hygiene during the transport of raw materials - and (semi-)manufactured products - to the storage in sufficiently clean and dark areas. Companies follow the rules for production of safe food of the HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). The H1 pallets meet these requirements.


What is an H1 pallet?


The H1 pallet from Q-Pall - also called a hygiene pallet - is made of plastic. This material is much more hygienic than wood. Wood is porous, which means wooden pallets make a nice nest for pests and insects. They also splinter, which is precisely what needs to be avoided. Plastic is not porous and does not splinter. In addition, hygiene pallets are fully smooth, which greatly reduces any risk of unwanted guests. The pallets’ finish is specifically aimed at avoiding nooks and crannies in which dirt can accumulate.


When to use an H1 pallet


The H1 pallet is used in the food industry by companies who are engaged in preparing, treating, processing, packaging, transporting, and distributing foodstuffs. All of these companies must adhere to the HACCP rules. ‘Foodstuff’ is a general term that is used for all food and drink consumed by humans. An example of this is the meat processing industry. The suppliers of raw materials and auxiliaries for the food industry also fall under the HACCP rules, just like the companies involved in animal feed. Q-Pall has offers multiple kinds of hygiene pallets. You can choose from various sizes and load capacities. Do you want to know more about H1 pallets or do you have other questions regarding our range? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you!

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