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Ultra-light, extremely durable. Q-Pall nestable export pallets

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Q-Pall’s nestable export pallets are ideal if you want to save on floor space and the costs of empty transport. They are remarkably light, and due to their special structure, they are also exceptionally suitable for refrigerators, making this type of synthetic pallet highly suitable for the meat industry, for example. Our high-end nestable export pallets are available in a variety of 9-legged models.

You can choose between an open and closed type in the sizes 1200x800 mm and 1200x1000 mm. Additionally, you can choose between pallets with or without an elevated ridge. It is unique that both sizes can also be provided with special pallet ridges, making it easy to place crates on top of the pallets. Unlike standard ridges, these pallet ridges are not on the pallets, but on the outside of them. This generates additional firmness and eases transport via conveyer belt. We can also adapt the colour and the material upon request. ESD pallets (anti-static) or anti-slip materials in a colour other than black are also optional.

In short, there is plenty to choose from regarding Q-Pall’s nestable export pallets . Should you require more information or advice in making your choice, please contact us.

For more information or to request a proposal, please contact our Sales department at telephone number 0413 – 353 111 or via email at


Q-Pall’s synthetic pallets are given added value due to the organisation behind them. Q-Pall is the market leader in the synthetic pallet sector and regularly initiatives innovative developments. Q-PALL is an innovative, progressive company that has been aimed at the development and production of qualitatively high-end synthetic pallets since 2005. As a company, we strive for flexibility, a global network of dealers and sustainable production methods. We have an eye on the environment – yours and ours.

Innovation is a core value in our company. We invest in the latest developments and progressive working methods, with an eye towards tomorrow’s world, using the means available to us today.